Academy of Family Mediators

Families don't always agree

Members of the Academy of Family Mediators provide mediation services to families facing decisions involving separation, divorce or marital dissolution, child custody, parenting, visitation, property division, wills and estates, elder care, spouse support or alimony, child support, family business, pre-nuptial agreements, and many other disputes, conflicts or issues involving the family.

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First 2013 meeting January 9, 2013

Members check your email for the call-in number and pin.

AFM participates with the ACR Family Section monthly teleseminars. We are using the January teleseminar slot to gather AFM AP members to share what is new and to give them an opportunity to join various program efforts.

Advanced Practitioner members of the ACR Family Section as of September 13, 2012 are approved and admitted into the Academy of Family Mediators, meeting the highest standards of practice, and may use the AFM AP designation and display the AFM logo.